“For most people, the hardest part of buying a home is seeing the potential in a property. NEEZO Studios has always been an invaluable tool to help us paint the picture for buyers.”

Drew and Jonathan Scott Scott Brothers Entertainment

"I’ve had the absolute pleasure of collaborating with NEEZO Studios since 2008. They are simply the best at what they do and I am continually amazed at their ability to capture the beauty, elegance and intricate details of our residential development projects. It’s wonderful when you can find a partner that shares your passion for craftsmanship and also offers exemplary customer service. NEEZO Studios is that partner.”

Sam Mizrahi, Founder and PresidentMizrahi Developments

"Neezo Studios is a top notch agency. It felt as if we had been working with them for multiple years, even though we were a new client. They knew exactly what we needed with limited back and forth via email. They went above and beyond in terms of deliverable and timeline and I would highly recommend them for any company looking at having a visualizer tool for their product offerings."

Avery- Dennison

"Thank you! NEEZO Studios, you came through for us in the Clutch. Great Work! We will be back for more!"

Meritage Homes

"NEEZO is our go-to partner for all things animated. We began work with them in a small scope project, and were quickly blown away by both their quality as well as their creativity. Very rarely do studios like this possess both the creative chops and the project rigor to execute so well. Since that first project, we've used them again and again, and they have yet to disappoint."

Aspen Heights

"Many thanks to the team at NEEZO Studios. You all worked very hard, these have got to be one of my favorite sets of renderings I've seen! We will be back for more projects!"

Federated Co-op Ltd

"NEEZO's Interactive application achieved everything we were looking for and then some."

Lindvest Properties Ltd

"The Oak Bay video is one of the best I have ever seen in this business.
Congrats to your team!"

Spectrum Realty Services Inc

"Our experience with NEEZO was exceptional. The work product captured the quality of the development. The interchange with NEEZO representatives was thorough and averted errors and unwanted outcomes."

Elite Homes

"NEEZO Studios have been excellent 3D designers, explaining requirements we were unaware of, steering us expertly and helpfully, and offering to undertake extra tasks when we were pressed for time. We could not have asked for a better service."

Format Group


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